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on Fruit Growing, Cookery, Cider & Wine-Making, Confectionery and Preservation Scroll down for: Fruit in General, Apples, Peaches & Nectarines, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Quinces, Figs, Citrus Fruits, Grapes, Nuts, Berries, Cider, Perry & Wine Making.



Old-fashioned Recipes for Fruit Dishes and Preserves:Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management


The Australasian Fruit Culturist, containing full and complete information as to the history, traditions, uses, propagation and culture of such fruits as are suitable to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand .. – Crichton, David Alexander. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


The Fruit Manual : a guide to the fruits and fruit trees of Great Britain – Hogg, Robert, 1818-1897
Contains wonderful lists of heritage apples!


Cultivation of Fruit Trees – A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, and the management of orchards and cider; with accurate descriptions of the most estimable varieties of native and foreign apples, pears, peaches, plums, and cherries, cultivated in the middle states of America: illustrated by cuts of two hundred kinds of fruits of the natural size. – Coxe, William, 1762-1831.


Fruits and Fruit-trees, home and foreign. An index to the kinds valued in Britain, with descriptions, histories, and other particulars (1885) Author: Grindon, Leo H. (Leo Hartley), 1818-1904

The Whole Art of Husbandry
Being a Full Collection of what Hath Been Writ, Either by Ancient Or Modern Authors, by John Mortimer (1716)

Eat California Fruit – Southern Pacific company, USA 1904.

The Western Fruit Book; or, American fruit-grower’s guide for the orchard and fruit-garden. Being a compend of the history, modes of propagation, culture, & c., of fruit trees and shrubs, with descriptions of nearly all the varieties of fruits cultivated in this country: notes of their adaptation to localities and soils, and also a complete list of fruits worthy of cultivation – Elliott, F. R. (Franklin Reuben), 1817-1878

Fruit Culture – California, USA. State Board of Horticulture 1890

Crops that pay : pecans, figs, mangoes, avocados, kumquats – Dygert, Henry Arthur, 1856-

The fruit cultivator’s manual, containing ample directions for the cultivation of the most important fruits including cranberry, the fig, and grape, with descriptive lists of the most admired varieties – Bridgeman, Thomas, d. 1850

Fruit Culture Volume 1 – International Library of Technology 1912. Essentials of fruit culture, varieties of apples, apple culture, apple pests and injuries, apple harvesting, storing and marketing, pear culture, cherries, apricots, and quinces. Nice pictures.

Fruit Culture Volume 2 – International Library of Technology 1912. Peach, plum, and grape culture, strawberries, raspberries, dewberries, currants, and gooseberries.

The Fruits and Fruit-Trees of America, or, The culture, propagation, and management in the garden and orchard of fruit-trees generally : with descriptions of all the finest varieties of fruit, native and foreign, cultivated in this country – Downing, A. J. (Andrew Jackson), 1815-1852


The Apple and its Varieties: being a history and description of the varieties of apples cultivated in the gardens and orchards of Great Britain (1859) Author: Hogg, Robert, 1818-1897

The Book of the Apple – Thomas, H. H. (Harry Higgott) USA 1902

Nomenclature of the Apple: a catalogue of the known varieties referred to in American publications from 1804 to 1904 – Ragan, William Henry, comp.

Varieties of Apples (1896) Author: Burrill, Thomas Jonathan, 1839-1916; McCluer, G. W. (George Washington), 1857

British Pomology; or, The History, Description, Classification, and Synonymes, of the Fruits and Fruit Trees of Great Britain .. (1851) Author: Hogg, Robert, 1818-1897

Contains excellent lists of heritage apple varieties

Two Hundred and Nine Ways of Preparing the Apple Author: Mackay, L. Gertrude (1913)

Origin and Meaning of Apple Cults
(1919) Author: Harris, J. Rendel (James Rendel), 1852-1941

Peach Culture – Fulton, James Alexander, 1822-


Pear Culture for Profit – Quinn, Patrick

The Cherry, together with reports and papers on pear, plum, peach, grape, and small fruit – American Pomological Society

A Practical Treatise on Plum Growing (1888) Author: Cope, Eliphas

Quince culture – Pratt, Benjamin Gildersleeve USA

Fig Culture: Edible figs: their culture and curing (1897) Author: Eisen, Gustav.

The Smyrna fig : at home and abroad : a treatise on practical fig culture – Roeding, George Christian, 1868-

The Smyrna fig at home and abroad : a treatise on practical Smyrna fig culture, together with an account of the introduction of the wild or Capri fig, and the establishment of the fig wasp (Blasiophaga grossorum) in America – Roeding, George Christian, 1868-1928
Fig caprification : or the setting of the fruit – Lelong, B. M. (Byron Martin), 1856-1901

The Kadota fig; a treatise on its origin, planting and care – Clark, W. Sam, 1873-

The fig: its history, culture, and curing, with a descriptive catalogue of the known varieties of figs (Volume nos. 4-10) – Eisen, Gustav, 1847-

The J.C. Forkner fig-gardens recipes; how to serve figs in the home – Forkner, J. C. (Jesse Clayton)

Figs (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Botany, no. 1) – Dahlgren, B. E. (Bror Eric), 1877-1961
Figs from California – Lyman, William Whittingham, b. 1885

Benson’s guide to fig culture in the open ground at the North : with instructions for open ground culture at the North of Japanese persimmons and pomegranates and catalogue of rare tropical fruits and plants : bananas, water lilies, etc., and also greenhouse and bedding plants, roses, fruit trees, etc. – Martin Benson (Firm)

The Culture of Citrus Fruits under the climatic and geographical conditions pertaining to the Murray Valley – Arndt, Franz Rudolf, 1878-

The handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia – Despeissis, A


English Walnuts: What You Need to Know about Planting, Cultivating and Harvesting This Most Delicious of Nuts

Growing Nuts in the North: A Personal Story of the Author’s Experience of 33 Years with Nut Culture in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Author: Weschcke, Carl, 1894-1973

Filbert growing in the Puget Sound country, presenting a treatise on the filbert nut – Quarnberg, Andrew Anderson, 1849-
Spanish Almonds and Their Introduction Into America – David Fairchild

Nuts and their uses as food – Jaffa, Myer E. (Myer Edward), 1857-1931

Nuts and their uses as food – Rich, Jessie Pinning

Nuts for profit: A treatise on the propagation and cultivation of nut … – John R. Parry

Illustrated catalogue and price-list of grafted, budded and choice seedling paper-shell pecans and other nut-bearing trees; – [White, Herbert Charles] 1869- [from old catalog]

Paper shell pecans – [Keystone pecan company, Manheim, Pa.] [from old catalog]

Some of the causes of decay of Brazil nuts – Spencer, Edwin Rollin, 1881- [from old catalog]

Chestnut culture in the northeastern United States – Sterling, Ernest Albert, 1878-

Bush-fruits; a horticultural monograph of raspberries, blackberries, dewberries, currants, gooseberries, and other shrub-like fruits – Card, Fred Wallace, 1863-

[Fruit culture] (Volume v.1) – International Library of Technology

[Fruit culture] (Volume v.2) – International Library of Technology

Raspberry, currant and strawberry – Wilkins, Raymond Harvey

Strawberry culture – Corregan, Frank Gerow

Strawberry culture – Crawford, Matthew

Instructions in strawberry culture – Durand, E. W. [from old catalog]

Strawberry-growing – Fletcher, S. W. (Stevenson Whitcomb), b. 1875

Modern strawberry growing – Wilkinson, Albert Edmund, 1879-

Strawberry-growing – Fletcher, Stevenson Whitcomb, 1875-

The American orchardist : or, A practical treatise on the culture and management of apple and other fruit trees, with observations on the diseases to which they are liable, and their remedies : to which is added the most approved method of manufacturing and preserving cider, and also wine from apple juice and currants : adapted to the use of American farmers, and all lovers and cultivators of fine fruit – Thacher, James, 1754-1844

A Study of Cider Making – William B. Alwood

A treatise on cyder-making, with a catalogue of cyder-apples of character, in Herefordshire and Devonshire
By Hugh Stafford 1753

A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple & Pear: And on the Manufacture of Cider & Perry – Thomas Andrew Knight

Easy to make wine; with additional recipes for cocktails, cider, beer, fruit syrups and herb teas – Gennery-Taylor, Mrs
A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American work – Alwood, William Bradford “Works of reference”: p. 113-114

A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, and the management of orchards and cider; with accurate descriptions of the most estimable varieties of native and foreign apples, pears, peaches, plums, and cherries, cultivated in the middle states of America: illustrated by cuts of two hundred kinds of fruits of the natural size .. – Coxe, William, 1762-1831

Making muscadine table wine – Carroll, Daniel E

American manual of the grape vines and the art of making wine: including an account of 62 species of vines, with nearly 300 varieties. Ann account of the principal wines, American and foreign. Properties and uses of wines and grapes. Cultivation of vines in America; and the art to make good wines. With 8 figures – Rafinesque, C. S. (Constantine Samuel), 1783-1840


The Art and Craft of Garden Making, by T H Mawson (1861-1933)